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Radio futura Radio Futura is a Spanish pop rock band. During its existence, it was part of Movida's cultural movement in the 1980s, shortly after the death of dictator Franco and the beginning of the process of return to democracy. It ceases its activities in 1992.

The influence of Radio Futura as a precursor of Latin rock and, in general, one of the most important rock bands in the history of Spanish music, has been felt since its separation. It is considered as the best Spanish group of the 1980s by several radio channels and specialized magazines, and is named in 2004 "best Spanish group of the last 25 years" by the listeners of Radio Nacional de España (Radio 3)>. In 2006, through a survey of 156 musicians, Rolling Stone magazine included seven of his songs in his list of 200 best Spanish pop rockers, the only group to have reached this number.

In 2012, journalist and music critic Jesús Ordovás defined them as "the most important and influential rock group in the recent history of Spanish pop music". On other occasions, Radio Futura is also considered to be the "Movida's creative starting point". "

It is from 1981 that the formation which, over the years, will define the style of Radio Futura is established: the brothers Auserón and Enrique Sierra, as well as Solrac Velázquez, change the initial musical style of the group, moving away pop to adopt rock>. Mixing voice, guitar, bass and drums, they begin to compose and rehearse new songs. The public presentation of the new formation takes place on March 11, in the hall of the Marquee, in Madrid: they alternate some of their old songs with new ones: they rang among others Nadie, Oscuro case, La Secta del mar, and Un africano for the Gran Vía.

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