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Ram zet Ram-Zet is an extreme and avant-garde Norwegian metal band from Hamar, Hedmark County. Notably influenced by black metal and gothic metal, the band was originally a project of a single member, singer and guitarist Henning "Zet" Ramseth.

Ram-Zet was initially formed in 1998 in Hamar, Hedmark County, Norway, as one-man-band by singer and guitarist Henning "Zet" Ramseth. The project then evolves as a full-fledged band with the arrival of Küth (on drums) and Solem (on bass). The result was the production of the first album Pure Therapy , in September 2000. The album includes a strong avant-garde approach>. Two years later, in 2002, released their second album, Escape .

In April 2004, the band split its bassist Solem for "personal reasons" , and replaced by Jon Daniel>. In December 2004, the band finished work on their third album to be released at the beginning of the following year. Ram-Zet releases his third album, intra> , in July 2005 via Tabu Records, to which they will sign in April the same year >>>. It is mixed in Sweden by the producer Daniel Bergstrand In Flames, Soilwork)>.

In 2008, the group launches in the recording of its new album, which will end at the beginning of 2009. Meanwhile, in March 2008, they publish two demos on their Myspace page, entitled Requiem and Nr. 222 >>>. In June 2009, they signed a contract with the label Ascendance Records, for the release of their fourth album>.

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