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Rata Blanca is an Argentine heavy metal band from Bajo Flores, Buenos Aires. He was trained in 1986 by Walter Giardino and Gustavo Rowek. Subsequently, he joined other members: Adrián Barilari (voice), Danilo Moschen (keyboards) and Fernando Scarcella (drums). Rata Blanca is considered by the specialized press and the public as one of the most important heavy metal bands in Spanish >>> also incorporating elements of power metal and neo-classical metal, mixing riffs and melodic and harmonic structure of the music classic.

In 1985, the guitarist Walter Giardino abandons his group V8. Seeing the deplorable state of heavy music in Argentina, he called Gustavo Rowek (former V8 drummer) to independently record a demo and then move to England. The drummer then joins him and the recordings start in Buenos Aires; they are joined by Rodolfo Cava on vocals, and Yulie Ruth of Alakrán on bass. With this training, the band records the songs = "es"> Chico Callejero , Gente del Sur < / span>, Rompe el Hechizo and The Bruja Blanca , three of them being included in their first album.

Rata Blanca gives her first concert on August 15, 1987 in Luz y Fuerz de Buenos Aires in front of 600 spectators. They give a second concert on September 19 the same year, this time at the Teatro Lasalle. After their concert, Saúl Blanch leaves the band. They give their third concert on January 2, 1988 at Teatro Fénix de Flores, alongside their new singer Carlos Périgo. In October 1988 released the first self-titled album of Rata Blanca, Rata Blanca . The group then publishes a second album, entitled Magos, Espadas y Rosas . After the release of this second album, the band returns to the studio to record their third album. This new album, "Guerrero del arco iris" (dedicated to Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior ship), is certified double platinum, and is published by PolyGram. The group became popular thanks to its traditional metal style, reaching its peak in 1991, with more than 200,000 copies sold from their three albums. Guerrero del arco iris is played on December 28, 1991 at the Velez Sarsfield stadium, alongside the Attack 77 group in front of more than 40,000 people.

Once in Buenos Aires, Hugo Bistolfi left the group and was replaced by Javier Retarnozo. With this formation, and during a concert, Adrian Barilari also leaves Rata Blanca. After the departure of Barilari, the place of singer within the group becomes vacant; he is finally replaced by Mario Ian, a former member of Alakran, who will contribute to both singing and lyrics. In 1994, the band began recording their fifth album. The album Entre el cielo y el infierno is published the same year, and includes titles such as Under Control and Jerusalem . In 1997, the group split up.

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