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Rednex is a Swedish band, which gained international fame with the title Cotton-Eyed Joe in 1995.

The name is a phonetic distortion of the word rednecks, which literally means "red neck". A redneck is a southern inhabitant of the United States, living in rural areas, his neck reddened by the sun. Translated into French, it gives "redneck" or "bouseux" (pejorative).

Rednex was created by Swedish producers Janne Ericsson, Örjan Öberg, and Pat Reiniz, who decided to try mixing country music with techno music. They chose the traditional folk song Cotton Eye Joe, and turned it into a dance piece. They recorded the song with musicians in the studio, then formed a fictional group of actors to represent the group, and released the title in 1994. The success worldwide will be at the rendezvous.

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