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Reincidentes is a Spanish rock and punk rock band from Seville, Andalusia. The group's songs criticize contemporary society and deal with a wide variety of topics, including the right to abortion, abuse, communism, anti-capitalism and the Arab-Israeli conflict. They also include poems by Miguel Hernández and composers such as Leon Gieco, Silvio Rodríguez, Víctor Jara and Ali Primera. According to its leader Fernando Madina: "We do not consider ourselves as punks or as rockers (...) We just rock 'n' roll that rub off on the news>. "

The seed of Reincidentes is found in the Sevilla Incident Local group, which enjoyed ephemeral success through the scene of his city between 1985 and 1986. Later, the members are actively involved in the student demonstrations of 1987, giving a concert in the University of Seville, at that time occupied by students.

Subsequently, Reincidentes consolidates, and records at the studios of Juanjo Pizarro.

Their first demo helps them participate in a rock contest organized by the Provincial Council of Seville in 1989, where they become finalists. Since then, Reincidentes has grown and developed his personality, becoming one of the most social rock bands in Andalusia and Spain.

Reincidentes is a group that does not only fight piracy in the music industry, but defines it as "very beneficial" for musicians and writers because they believe that 'With this, groups away from the channels of commerce, they can more easily reach popularity >>>.

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