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Connect K is an American Christian pop punk band from Canton, Ohio. Founded in 1998 by Matt Thiessen, Matt Hoopes and Brian Pittman, his name comes from Plymouth Reliant K, car model of guitarist Matt Hoopes. In 2003, the band received two dove awards and was nominated for Grammys for Best Gospel Modern Rock Album. All current members are Christian, but his Christian rock label is disputed. In this regard, lead singer Matt Thiessen says in an interview that the group's classification is irrelevant: "Call us what you want. We do not care. We just do what we do. We compose what we want to compose, and most of the time it is our heart and our faith. "

The group is best known after signing for Capitol Records and the release of their fourth album, Mmhmm. They released their fifth album, Five Score and Ago Seven Years, March 6, 2007.

At the beginning of the group, Todd Frescone rallied for a few months in 1998. After All Work and No Play, Todd Frescone was replaced by Stephen Cushman. Cushman was on drums on the 2000 A.D.D., and also on Relient K in 2000, but he left later that year. Bleach's Jared Byers replaced Cushman until Dave Douglas arrived in December 2000. The band's composition was the same for The Creepy EP, The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek and Mmhmm, after Brian Pittman's departure for start a gardening business. Now Pittman plays bass for the band Inhale Exhale. John Warne, lead singer and guitar player for Ace Troubleshooter, replaces Pittman for the remainder of 2004 and has since been at full-time bass. It was in 2005 that Jon Schneck joined as third guitar, and also to hold the banjo and the bells, for a more distinct sound. In 2013, their drummer, Ethan Luck, left the band. Now he's the guitar technician for The Cold War Kids.

After the formation of Relient K by Matt Thiessen, Matt Hoopes and Brian Pittman in 1998, Todd Frascone briefly joined in 1998 as a drummer. But Frascone leaves the group after the demo All Work and No Play. The demo is recorded by Mark Lee Townsend, former live guitarist of DC Talk. Townsend will meet the members as his daughter, Danielle, was their friend. Danielle will marry the guitarist Matt Hoopes>.

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