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Roger Waters / ɹ ɒ d͡ʒ Ə w ɔ ː t ə < span title = "[z]" z "in" zero "."> z / , born George Roger Waters on September 6, 1943 in Great Bookham (Surrey) , is a British musician and singer-songwriter, founding member and bassist of Pink Floyd.

Roger Waters was born in Great Bookham on September 6, 1943, in Surrey. His father, Eric Fletcher Waters, participated in World War II fighting and was killed in Anzio in 1944 during Operation Shingle. The trauma related to the death of his father will durably mark his compositions, especially on the albums The Wall (1979), The Final Cut (1983) - which is dedicated to him - and Amused to Death (1992).

Roger Waters then lives alone with his mother and two older brothers. He met Syd Barrett and Nick Mason at Cambridge High School. In 1964, he founded a first band with Richard Wright, Nick Mason, Clive Metcalfe, Juliette Gale (future Mrs. Wright) and Keith Noble, "Sigma 6" who will also be called, following the mood or the inspiration of the moment , "The Abdabs" or "The Tea Set". Metcalfe and Noble left the group in 1965 and were replaced by Bob Klose and Syd Barrett. Waters, who until then held the guitar, becomes a bass player. Finally, the Tea Set was reduced to five members, Barrett, Klose, Mason, Waters and Wright, and four after Klose's departure. They adopt the name "The Pink Floyd Sound" (referring to Pink Anderson and Floyd Council, two American blues musicians) on a Barrett idea. Then after the departure of Barrett, David Gilmour takes over and the group evolves, first with a psychedelic tendency, it becomes more experimental and progressive.

They are seen in their early days as a rather experimental group that mostly affects an insider background. The film More, whose music they directed in 1969 at the request of director Barbet Schroeder, made their music known to a wider audience, who welcomed him at a time when the Beatles were slowing down their production rate.

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