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Rompeprop Rompeprop is a group of Dutch goregrind, originally from Eindhoven>. The group was formed in 2001, and has a total of two albums, two splits, and one EP.

The group was formed in 1999 in Eindhoven, during a meeting between Jores (drums), Dente (guitar) and Steven (vocals), who share the same musical tastes. Inspired by the songs of bands such as Utopie, Impetigo or Haemorrhage, the band begins to rehearse, but only really consolidates two years later with the arrival of bassist Michiel. The group's first stage performances take place in 2001 during the Fuck the Commerce festival and the famous Dynamo club in Eindhoven. Immediately after their performance, the band signs with the Dismemberment Records label. They then publish the EP Menstrual Stomphulk (Bizarre Leprous)>. In 2002, the group performed many successful concerts.

In March 2003, the group broke through with the release of its first studio album, "Hellcock's Porn Flakes" . From that moment, they are welcomed by the specialized press, and Mortician even invites them to an American tour in 2004. At the same time, the former singer, Steven, is forced to leave the group, unable to reconcile professional obligations and appearances in the group, which will lead to health problems>. Before, the group recorded a split, Just a Matter of Splatter , with Tu Carne. The remaining members leave and the band recruits the singer Dentemu> before returning to the stage as a trio. Their first trio appearance takes place at the Just Killers Just No Fillers Fest in Germany. In 2006, the band recorded a split titled Masters of Gore with GUT, published on the Polish label Everydayhate. After another change of formation (in 2007, Rob will join Bonebag instead of Michiela on bass), the group begins an international tour, including a concert in Mexico, passing through Colombia or even India.

In 2011, the band recorded their latest studio album, Gargle Cummics, released on the Czech label Bizarre Leprous. The band is often invited to all extreme music festivals, such as the Obscene Extreme in the Czech Republic, the Fekal Party and the Bloodshed Festival in Holland. In April 2016, the group announces its separation> and remains inactive in 2017>.

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