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Rotten sound

Rotten Sound is a Finnish grindcore band from Vaasa. Formed in 1993, he and Nasum and Regurgitate are key groups in the Nordic grind scene that have influenced a generation of groups in Europe and around the world. As is often the case for grindcore groups, Rotten Sound's lyrics deal with social issues or news, but also with gore and violence.

Rotten Sound was formed by guitarist Mika Aalto in Vaasa, Finland, in 1993. The band began recording in 1994, publishing the single Sick Bastard to the Genet label. The following underground albums, between singles and EPs, are "=" en "> Psychotic Veterinarian on SOA (1995), Loosin 'Face on Anomie (1996), and Splitted Alive on IDS (1997).

Rotten Sound's first studio album,

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