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Sabicas of his real name Agustín Castellón Campos , is a composer and guitarist of Spanish flamenco, born in Pamplona in 1912 and died in New York on April 14, 1990. He is considered as one of the masters of flamenco guitar.

In Pamplona, ​​he begins to play guitar at the age of four when his uncle teaches him two chords, he spends all night without sleeping to practice the guitar.

At the age of 10, he was discovered by Manuel Bonet in the Madrid of "Los Gabrieles" and "Villa Rosa", making great sensation in the capital. His original style is inspired by Ramón Montoya and his friend Manolo de Huelva. He accompanies great singers of the time.

He left Spain in 1936 during the Spanish Civil War and remained in exile in South America where he toured with the dancer Carmen Amaya. The two made several trips together and he settled later in 1955 in New York, where he met famous jazz musicians, such as Miles Davis, Ben E. King or Gill Evans. His work was known to Spain only in 1960. It was not until 1967 that he returned to his native country, Spain, during which he received the medal in Malaga. of the IV Semana de Estudios Flamencos>.

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