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Saosin Saosin is an American post-hardcore band from Orange County, California. He was formed in 2003 by guitarists Beau Aiden Burchell Anderson and Justin Shekoski and singer Anthony Green. Then, the Californian training Newport Beach recruits a few months after the bassist Chris Sorensen and the drummer Alex Rodriguez. In February 2004, Anthony Green left the band for personal reasons. Green will start a new project called Circa Survive. In June 2004, 4 months after Green's departure, Cove Reber was added to the group, which was joined by a singer. In July 2010, Saosin and Cove Reber terminate their collaboration.

Anthony Green first suggests Saosin as a group name. Saosin means "attentive" in Chinese (小心 xiǎo xīn)>. However, the interpretation of the word 小心 xiao xin is obscure for Green;小心 xiao xin is usually used to prevent. Green has already used the word Saosin for a song from his group in high school, Audience of One, from their album I Remember When this All Meant Something >>>.

The first formation of Saosin, composed of Burchell, Shekoski, Kennedy and Anthony Green, is carried out in summer 2003>. On June 17, they publish their first EP Translating the Name>. It is immediately welcomed on forums and specialized sites. Saosin becomes popular first through the Internet. They will be known for their particular musical style well before the release of their first album, and will become popular on social networks like MySpace. The EP would have come to 62,000 copies.

Bassist Zach Kennedy leaves the band>, and is replaced by Chris Sorenson. McGrath has only been recruited for the EP, according to Burchell. The group will be, however, sublimated by his drumming abilities and he will play the live Lost Symphonies with the band. Alex Rodriguez finds himself unable to record Translating the Name on time. Danny King will play the drums on tour, while Rodriguez completes his obligations with his group Open Hand and joins Saosin full time after the release of the EP. Saosin tours in the United States with Boys Night Out and Anatomy of a Ghost shortly after the release of Translating the Name.

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