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You can help by adding links to Saurom , formerly Saurom Lamderth , is a Spanish folk metal band, originally from San Fernando, in the Province of Cadiz. They call their musical style "juglar metal", a mix of rock, folk and Celtic music, seasoned with literary texts, mostly legends, poems, novels and traditional stories, critically, culturally and socially. Some of the lyrics have a theme related to JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, and to classic and traditional Andalusian literature.

Saurom Lamderth was formed in 1996, after the dissolution of the RHF (Rapid Heavy Flamenc) group, in San Fernando, in the province of Cadiz. Its founders include Narci Lara and José Luis Godoy, joined by Antonio Ruiz and Abraham Reyes Facio. Between September and December of the same year, they begin to compose their first demo, La Cripta del duende. Later, in 1997, they recorded the Regreso demo at Tierras Medias, in which many characters were invented for a RPG that will appear later on the album Juglarmetal (2006).

Abraham who groups him, and is replaced by Juan Garrido, joined by his brother Francisco Garrido on keyboards and flute. Later, with this training, they record the demo Legado de Juglares in 1998, sold more than a thousand copies in a few months. Finally, after winning a regional group contest in 2000, they record the Orígenes demo, which includes pieces considered by the group of "jugglers", melodic and enveloping compared to the latest demos

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