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Schandmaul is a German medieval rock band from Munich. The name of the group is vulgarly translated by "bad language" , representing their mascot: a grinning jester.

Schandmaul was formed in the summer of 1998. The original goal of six friends and musicians was to give a small folk concert in a bar. But the group did not just want to play covers; he begins to write his own songs, lyrically influenced by legends and medieval myths. After the first concert on 14 November 1998 in Gröbenzell's Die Hexe bar, spectators asked the group to produce a CD. The band made the decision to keep the project going by giving more concerts, writing more songs, and producing their first Wahre Helden album in early 1999. Shortly thereafter, the Extratours concert performed concerts for other bands such as In Extremo, helped the group to give concerts outside of Bavaria.

After the album Von Spitzbuben und anderen Halunken, published in 2000, it is a professional label that produces the first two albums and allows to record the third album Narrenkönig in a professional way, album that reaches the 70> place of the charts German>. The group was quietly becoming a larger audience by participating in festivals such as M'era Luna or Wave Gotik Treffen. The success is with the album Wie Pech und Schwefel which reached in 2004 the thirteenth place of the Media Control Charts in Germany.

Subsequently, the group tries several experiments: a series of classical and acoustic concerts, the organization of the project Newcomermusik> for young talents in music, the song Immer noch wach, recorded with the group Tanzwut, which belongs to the same musical genre , but who interprets his songs in a more electronic and aggressive way, the organization of the medieval festival Funkenflug-Festival, concerts abroad, for example in Russia, as well as a large and long concert largely organized and recorded before a crowd of 7,000 people on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the group in November 2008 in Munich. The same year, their album Anderswelt comes out. In early 2009, Schandmaul is nominated for an ECHO>.

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