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Schweisser is a German heavy metal band from Utting am Ammersee. Formed in 1987, the group has five albums to its credit before separating in 2001 and reforming in 2006. The group is one of the key figures of the Neue Deutsche Härte.

Schweisser is formed in 1988. A year later, he publishes his first EP of the same name. Without a label, the group deals with production and distribution. It is published in vinyl and limited to 1,000 copies. Within six months, all copies have been sold.

In 1991, the group signed a contract with the Trikont label. In autumn, the group publishes its first album, Auf der Autobahn zur Hölle. At this time, the band was still playing punk rock. Over the next two years, Schweisser played more than 300 concerts in Germany. When they were not in concert, members accumulated odd jobs. Thanks to these situations, their musical lyrics become more mature. In 1994, Schweisser signed with the label Intercord. In summer, he publishes his second album Eisenkopf. From that moment, the group turns towards heavy metal and does not hesitate to use unusual instruments for the genre like the saxophone. The record company, satisfied with this change, is funding a first video clip for the title track. The video of the song Eisenkopf is broadcast at MTV Headbangers Ball. Metal Hammer magazine names the album in the album category of the month. They participate in the Dynamo Open Air.

In the spring of 1995, the group renewed its contract with Intercord. A year later, the group released its third album, Willkommen im Club, thanks to which it reached the local rankings. They then tour internationally, including the Netherlands and Italy. In autumn 1996, EP Malaria is published. The EP includes three remixes of the title track.

During their trip to India, the band starts writing new songs. The fourth album, Heiland, is published. In February 1998, Schweisser played his first acoustic concert. Their fifth album, Bitte Warten, is released in February 2000 and is significantly different from previous releases. The specialized press salutes the work >>>. In 2001, the group separated>.

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