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Scott joplin

Scott Joplin , born November 24, 1868 in Texarkana (Texas)> and died April 1, 1917 in New York, is an African-American pianist and composer. Although he has written works in several styles, including classical and opera, his fame is mainly due to his ragtime music compositions. His musicality, talent and importance in the history of ragtime and American music are exceptional. Even today, Scott Joplin remains the best known composer writing ragtime. His most famous pieces in this style are the Maple Leaf Rag, published in 1899, and The Entertainer, published in 1902.

We do not know exactly where Scott Joplin was born. On his grave, however, it is stated that he was born on November 24, 1868. It is known to be born in Bowie County, Texas. According to the American census of 18 July 1870, he was two years old that year and was then in Davis County. Ten years later, the next census is located in Texarkana, still in Texas. Scott is the child of Florence Givins of Kentucky, born about 1841, and Giles Joplin of North Carolina, born about 1842, who grew up in slavery.

Scott is the second child of a family of six: Monroe (born in 1861), himself, Robert (born March 1869), Josie (born in 1870), William (born 1875) and Johnny (born in March 1880).

His father, Giles, gets a job for the Texarkana> railway while Scott is still a child, and his mother, Florence, works as a cleaning lady. As they both practice music - his father the violin and his mother the banjo - their children grow up in a musical environment: Scott's brothers and sisters play guitar, trumpet or sing in choirs.

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