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Screeching weasel

Screeching Weasel is an American punk rock band from Chicago, Illinois. He was trained in 1986 by Ben Weasel and John Jughead. The group is gaining importance in the early 1990s after signing on Lookout! Records, a label from San Francisco Bay. Many pop punk or power pop bands refer to Screeching Weasel as Green Day, Blink-182, and All-American Rejects.

After Weasel and Jughead, who were all part of the group, the two most important members were Danny Vapid on guitar and bass and Dan Panic on drums. However, as soon as he was formed, the group experienced a lot of changes, sometimes including well-known musicians like Mike Dirnt and Mass Giorgini >>>.

In 1986, two teenagers from Chicago, Ben Foster and John Pierson, wanted to create a band after seeing the Ramones in concert >>>. Foster (bass and vocals) changed his name to Ben Weasel, while Pierson (on guitar) decided to call himself John Jughead. The duo recruited a drummer who joined the group under the pseudonym Steve Cheese.

The group is initially named All-Night Garage Sale, then changes its name to Screeching Weasel, the variant of a name that a friend had suggested to them, Screaming Otter (in reference to a t-shirt with writing, I've got a screaming otter in my pants!)>. Shortly after the formation of the group, Ben Weasel decided that it was too difficult to play bass and sing at the same time, so Vinnie Bovine (aka Vince Vogel) joined the band as a bass player. The band recorded their first album, Screeching Weasel, in one night (for $ 200), and it was released on the Chicago label Underdog Records in 1987.

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