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Sebadoh Sebadoh is an independent American rock band from Westfield, Massachusetts. He was trained in 1987 by Lou Barlow from the split of Dinosaur Jr .. He originally had a guitarist (Lou Barlow), a bassist (Jason Loewenstein) and a drummer (Eric Gaffney at the beginning and others by the following).

Eric Gaffney leaves the group after proposing a rather original mode of collaboration: each member of the group composes on his side, the group only meeting for the recordings. He also wanted to minimize the number of concerts of the group. This is not really the taste of other members. Yet Eric Gaffney will participate more or less regularly in the life of the training after his departure. He is replaced by Bob Fay>. The group reformed in 2004 for a tour without drummer, replaced by a drum machine and a CD player / cassette. The group's albums are being reissued, and the group is once again active in its original formation.

Lou Barlow was bassist for the Dinosaur Jr. rock band at the end of the 1980s. Barlow and leader J Mascis wrote the tracks, and Mascis dominated the band's style, Barlow being intimidated by what the guitarist was doing. Barlow will gradually spend more time at home writing his own songs. Barlow and Eric Gaffney publish Weed Forestin 's tape in 1987 at Homestead Records under the name of Sebadoh, which is a meaningless word that Barlow used in his lyrics. Barlow and Gaffney contribute to the pieces of The Freed Man (1988). Homestead Records director Gerard Cosloy will listen to The Freed Man and release it as an album on Homestead in 1989. Shortly after the release of the tape, Barlow is fired from Dinosaur Jr.>. Jason Loewenstein joins the band in the summer of 1989, and plays the single Gimme Indie Rock in 1991.

After a tour with Firehose in 1991, they signed at Sub Pop (Domino in the UK, and City Slang in Germany) in 1992, and released two EP's Rocking the Forest and Sebadoh Vs. Helmet two months apart. Their fourth album, Bubble and Scrape, was released in April 1993. That same year, the Soul and Fire EP came out.

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