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Sektor gaza

Sektor Gaza (in Russian Сектор Газа) is a Russian punk rock band, originally from Voronezh>. Formed in 1987, the group is active until 2000.

Apart from the leader of the group, Yuri "Hoy" Nikolayevich Klinskikh, all members of the group are replaced over time. The style of the group can be described as a music made of a simple double-chord and crude lyrics devoid of culture. The content, however, varies between politically charged songs, mystical (zombies, vampires ...) or even personal interpretations of songs and music from Russian folklore, ballads and rap.

The band's name is a homage to Levoberejny, the ghetto-like district of their hometown Voronezh, which locals ironically called Gaza Strip. But the phrase Сектор Газа also means gas sector in Russian, so it's a play on words playing on this double meaning, and more particularly on the pollution added to the trivialized crime and domestic violence of the neighborhood of their childhood. In one of their first songs, the band claims that the city is so polluted that no one ever reaches the age of 40. Sektor Gaza (in Russian: = "ru"> Сектор Газа ), means "Gaza Strip" or alternatively, in literal translation, "gas sector".

In the second half of the 1980s, Yuri meets Alexandr Yakushev. In November 1998, Sektor Gaza turns in Russia.

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