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Sentenced is a Finnish heavy metal band from Muhos / Oulu. The band plays death metal in its early days. Formed in 1989 by Miika Tenkula (1974-2009), Sami Lopakka (both guitarists) and Vesa Ranta (drummer), the band split in 2005.

In the beginning, the group is doing death metal, as evidenced by their first demo When Death Join Us ... which is recorded at the beginning of the year following the band's creation in 1990. Immediately after the recording of this Sentenced demo, singer and bassist Taneli Jarva was recruited, who soon signed a contract with a French record label in the company. The latter gives them the opportunity to record their first album Shadows of the Past released in November 1991>. In 1993, Sentenced changes label, and leaves the small French record company for a more famous company in Finland, Spinefarm Records, which will take care of the release of the publication of their second album, North from Here . It will mark a change of style by turning from the traditional death metal way to a more technical style, known as Gothenburg-style, the style played in the first albums of Dark Tranquility. A mini-album was released the same year, The Trooper , recorded in the Tico-Tico Sttudios, published in tribute to Iron Maiden, and includes the The Trooper .

During the year 1994, Sentenced changed label again, and signed with the record company Century Media, a German company that decided to bring out their previous albums and distribute them worldwide. It is with this company that their third album, Amok , is born (over 35,000 copies sold). The melodic is gaining more ground at Sentenced exploring new horizons; the group begins to become more and more determined to appear in an embellished form while remaining hard and melancholy. In 1995, at the beginning of this year, the second mini album of Love and Death was released. While staying in the path of the same Sentenced style comes back with a cover of Billy Idol's White Wedding .

In 1996, three important events mark the group>. First, the many Sentenced fans have the bad news of the departure of singer and bassist Taneli Jarva because (according to official sources) of the success of the group that was felt by Taneli as a heavy weight. Secondly, the band does not waste time and recruits the singer Ville Laihiala, who will play a very important role in the fourth album, Down , which comes out the same year. Third, Sentenced changes for the third time by recording Down at Woodhouse Studios, the album that is elected "Album of the Month" in some German magazines such as Hard Rock >>> and Metal Hammer . In the same year and the following year, Sentenced began with great success tours in Europe, North America and Japan. Thus the group won the challenge hands down, a very difficult challenge to take up given the abrupt and radical change in the nature of the group's voice.

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