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Serebro (Russian: Серебро, Silver) is a girl group from Russia who made a name for herself during her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. The band was formed in 2006 by Maxime Fadeev (Максим Фадеев), Russian producer and composer who worked with Julia Savicheva. They are extremely popular in the countries of the former USSR.

Elena (Lena) Vladimirovna Temnikova (Елена (Лена) Владимировна Темникова), born April 18, 1985 in Kurgan, is the main singer of the band. She has been practicing music since the age of five. In 2003, she participates in Fabrika Zvezd, Russian version of Star Academy organized by Canal Un (Первый канал), she arrives in third position. It is at this time that she meets the producer Maxim Fadeev who will be the founder of the group. Before that, she signed a contract with Fadeev and the monolith folder label. Participating in an airport musical as a soloist, she recorded two songs and then decided to finish her solo career. The Serebro group would have formed at his request.

Olga (Olya) Yurevna Seryabkina (Ольга (Оля) Юрьевна Серябкина), born April 12, 1985 in Moscow, provides vocal accompaniment. She has been dancing since the age of seven and learned singing at the School of Dramatic Arts. She has participated in many dance competitions. She is also the group's songwriter, she won a prize in 2010 for the best songwriting with the song ne vremya and that of Julia Savicheva. She was a chorister for Fadeev before meeting Elena.

Anastasia (Nastya) Karpova (Анастасия (Настя) Карпова), born on 2 November 1984 in Balakovo, Saratov Oblast, provided vocal accompaniment. She dedicated herself to her passion since a very young age: dancing, and became a member of the troupe "Street Jazz". Also taking singing lessons, she decided to continue this career until she joined the band in July 2009. She left the Serebro group on September 27, 2013, announcing it to the public during her last performance with the band. group in St Petersburg, to embark on a solo career with the same producer.

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