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Seven hate

Seven hate Seven Hate is a French punk rock band from Poitiers. He is one of the leading bands of the melodic punk rock movement in France. Separated in December 2003, they reformed in 2015.

Seven Hate is formed in 1992 in Poitiers. The band is considered, along with Burning Heads, as one of the precursors of French melodic punk rock. Two years after its launch, the group released its first studio album, The Weaning Day, in 1994. It follows four albums including Homegrown (1996), Budded (1997), Is this Glen? (1999), and Some Fourteen or More Things Seven Hate Never Dared to Tell You (2000).

They tour several venues in France, but also in Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

In 1998, bassist Nico left the group and was replaced by Greg.

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