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Sevendust is an American nude metal band from Atlanta, Georgia. The band's musical style is in line with Korn and Deftones. Formed in 1994 under the name of Crawlspace, their career begins quickly. After a few name changes, members agree on Sevendust and publish their first self-titled album in April 1997. They achieve success and are certified triple gold by the RIAA, and count millions of copies sold to the international.

The first album of the same name counts 311 copies sold the first week>. However, thanks to the tours and support of the TVT Records label, the album ranks in the Billboard and is certified gold. Since his training, Sevendust has ten studio albums, has several times the rankings, and is repeatedly certified gold. They reissue their first album under the title of Sevendust: Definitive Edition which includes five new songs and a DVD.

Bassist Vince Hornsby joins drummer Morgan Rose in 1994 in a local band called Snake Nation. John Connolly, a drummer, leaves his band to join Snake Nation as a guitarist. They record their first demo. Dissatisfied with the vocal part, however, Snake Nation spends a year looking for a new singer before finding Lajon Witherspoon. Six months pass, Clint Lowery joins the group, and they rename themselves Rumblefish.

Rumblefish, however, is only short lived because of another group named the same. They rename themselves Crawlspace, and publish My Ruin on the soundtrack of the film Mortal Kombat titled Mortal Kombat: More Kombat released on the TVT Records label in 1996. Shortly thereafter, another group named Crawlspac 'asks them $ 2500 for the rights of their name. Rather than buy back the rights, the group is renamed Sevendust, which is inspired by a brand of insecticide called Sevin Dust. The song Rumble Fish is included in their second album, Home.

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