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Seventh avenue

Seventh Avenue is a German Christian power metal band from Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony. Active between 1989 and 2012, the band has a total of six studio albums and two EPs.

In 1989, a few teenagers inspired by the heavy metal bands embarked on the music. They publish an album in a small label. Two years later, the singer leaves the group, which is then replaced by the young singer and guitarist Herbie Langhans. This new formation changes its name for Seventh Avenue. In 1993, they released their first demo, First Strike . She follows several concerts.

A year later, they are planning a new album, Rainbowland . However, because of internal problems, the exit is postponed. The second guitarist suddenly leaves the band. Herbie replaces him on the guitar. After a few months, their first album is finally released. In 1996, the band signed for two albums with the Treasure Hunt Records label. They immediately start recording their new album, Tales of Tales . With this album, they reach the 18> place of Japanese musical rankings>. In 1997, drummer Louis Schock left the group, and was replaced by Mike Pflüger. Andi Gutjahr is recruited for the album Southgate published in 1998.

In 1999, William Hieb also left the group, leaving behind Herbie and Mike. The two manage to find a new bass player and another second guitarist, Geronimo Stade and Florian Gottsleben, respectively. After the release of their album, they go on tour. In Brazil, the group is becoming popular and has signed South American distribution rights with the Mega Hard Records label.

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