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Sex Pistols [ S Ɛ L Z ] is a British punk rock band, from London, UK. He was trained in 1975 and known to be the initiator of the punk movement. At his band, the quartet consists of Johnny Rotten (Lydon of his real name) singing, Steve Jones on guitar, Paul Cook on drums and Glen Matlock on bass. The latter is replaced by Sid Vicious in 1977. Despite a short career of three years, a single studio album recorded, Never Mind the Bollocks, Here Sex Pistols and four singles, Sex Pistols is described by the BBC as " the ultimate English punk rock band " definitive english punk rock band ")>.

The band was born while progressive rock and pop were the most dominant musical genres in the mid-1970s. The many controversies, which both fascinated and shocked England, often concealed her music. The single God Save the Queen of 1977 was seen as an attack on British monarchy and nationalism. Concerts often have, because of public violence, posed problems between the authorities and the organizers.

In January 1978, after an eventful tour of the United States, Johnny Rotten left the group, announcing his dissolution. For the next few months, the remaining three members record several songs for Julien Temple's The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle. A "fable" according to Temple in which Malcolm McLaren (manager of the group) mocks the media who have criticized him so much for being there only for the money. Sid Vicious dies a few months later from an overdose in New York.

In 1996, Lydon, Cook, Matlock and Jones reconvened, and toured from June to December 1996. The band also undertook further tours in 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2008.

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