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Shoko nakagawa

Shoko nakagawa Shōko Nakagawa ( 中 川 翔 子 , Shōko Nakagawa > , born May 5, 1985 in Tokyo, Japan ) , whose real name Shiyōko Nakagawa ( 中 川 薔 子 (し よ う こ) , Nakagawa Shiyōko > ) , nicknamed Shokotan , is a singer, actress, tarento, seiyū, mangaka, and ( f) Japanese idol having started in 2001. She is also known for her attraction for the "otaku culture", the cosplay, the cats (felines), and her very visited blog. Recognized Otaku, much of his career is devoted to anisong. In 2010, she sings the opening credits of Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, Flying Humanoid. In 2014, she was one of the most anticipated guests of the 15> impact of Japan Expo. On October 19, 2014, she was announced as the patron of JapanFM . In Japan, she hosts weekly different TV shows like Pokémon Get TV (formerly Pokémon Sunday, Pokémon Smash).

His father, although he died when she was 8 years old, had a big influence in his life. When she was five years old, her father made her read horror mangas by making her believe that she could not become an adult without reading them. Finally, Shokotan has diversified his tastes and adores the idols of the 1980s, anime and retro-gaming. It is often associated with otakus partly because of this. His love for the sentai began after watching "Mirai Sentai Timeranger", his dream was to become an Idol Engraving as Katsumura Mika, the actress who played the role of Yuri, the pink ranger.

She won the Miss Magazine 2002 contest, which boosted her popularity. In 2004, she participated in Men B with her idol Katsumura, which allowed them to become very close.

Drawing is one of her great passions: when she was young, she dreamed of coming mangaka. She regularly posts illustrations on her blog, or on her twitter account. In 2006 began a series called "Shokotan Quest" which was available only on its website. She then joined the illustrator group "Jump Damashii".

Besides, she is also a big fan of Bruce Lee and Kung-fu movies in general: she even has a pair of personalized nunchucks! As such, when she was young, long before she was famous, she often went to Hong Kong with her mother. One day, she found herself sitting next to Jacky Chan ... They talked for a long time, and that's how she decided to do her best in life to reach her dreams!

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