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Shotgun messiah

Shotgun Messiah is a Swedish industrial metal and glam metal band. Formed in 1985, the group separated a few years later in 1993.

The group, formed by Zinny J. Zan, Tim Skold (under the pseudonym Tim Tim), Harry K. Cody and Pekka "Stixx" Ollinen, was named, as long as they were in Sweden, Kingpin>. In 1988, they published an album entitled Welcome to Bop City . The group, which decides to move to Hollywood, California, to gain notoriety, is renamed Shotgun Messiah. The album Welcome to Bop City published under the name of Kingpin is reissued in 1989 under the name Shotgun Messiah. The style of this album is a glam metal located in the vein of groups like Mötley Crüe or Ratt.

Shortly after, Zinny J. Zan leaves the group leaving Tim Skold to take the place of singer of the group. Shotgun Messiah recruits an American bassist, Bobby Lycon, to take the place of Tim Skold left vacant.

In 1991, the band released their second album called Second Coming which contains their biggest hit, Heartbreak Blvd >. Because of Tim's way of singing which is less conventional, the style of this period is oriented a little towards a style close to Guns N'Roses or Faster Pussycat. During this period, a punk rock influence is notable. The band performs "I Want More" , an EP of songs by Ramones, The Stooges and New York Dolls. They are also known to take, in concert, Sex Pistols.

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