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Sick of it all

Sick of it all Sick of It All is an American hardcore punk band from Queens, New York. Formed in the 1980s, the group released its first album in 1987 and still go out and shoot. Currently, six albums are released plus some stage performances. They have been considered for two decades as the kings of the NYHC, thanks to their sharp lyrics and their explosive instrumental part (including a rare use of overdrive on the bass).

Formed in early 1986 >>>>>, Sick of It All begins in New York with the parents of the Koller brothers before becoming one of the mainstays of the New York hardcore movement.

Composed originally by the two Koller brothers, Lou Koller on vocals, Pete Koller on guitar, Rich Cipriano on bass and Arman Majidi on drums, Sick of It All plays hardcore close to his roots, without compromise.

In 1987, released an album of 9 tracks on independent label Revelation Records. After playing in many New York clubs including the not-less famous CBGB, the group is gaining significant notoriety and records its first album, Blood Sweat abd No Tears, in 1989, with 19 powerful and fast songs. They will then make their first national tour. Majidi having to work with Rest In Pieces on new tracks leaves Max Capshaw his place. He is back to record the EP We Stand Alone, in 1991 on Relativity Records. Neither Majidi nor Cipriano will play with the Koller brothers after recording this album for the tour. They were replaced by E.K. on drums and Eddie Coen on bass.

Sick of It All recorded Just Look Around in 1992 on Relativity Records, with the original training. Cipriano definitely leaves Sick of It All before their international tour in Europe and Japan. Craig Setari bassist in Agnostic Front takes his place, which revitalizes the group, as well as the New York scene. He then signed a contract on the Eastweast Records label for the 1994 recording of Scratch the Surface, facing fan criticism of their "commercialization".

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