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Silent circle

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Silent Circle is a German musical group formed in 1985>. The band is a trio composed of singer Martin Tychsen (Jo Jo Tyson), keyboardist Axel Breitung and drummer Jürgen Behrens (CC Behrens). He made his name in 1986 through the song Touch in the Night.

The history of Silent Circle dates back to 1976, when Axel Breitung and Martin Tychsen, then on tour in northern Germany, emerged victorious from a competition of young talents. Breitung begins writing songs, notably for Isabel Varell and Wencke Myhre>. He then meets Bernd Dietrich, who later becomes the editor and co-producer of Silent Circle.

The trio is formed in spring 1985>. It consists of singer Martin Tychsen (Jo Jo Tyson), keyboardist Axel Breitung and drummer Jürgen Behrens>. The name of the band is chosen in a studio in Hamburg in February of that year>. Silent Circle's first single, Hide Away - Man Is Comin '!, goes relatively unnoticed when released>. It's with his second single, Touch in the Night, that the band really knows the success >>>. The song becomes a hit in Germany during the year 1986>. Touch in the Night is a huge hit at nightclubs and is on the air this year. After this first success, the band released their first album, No. 1, which was shot the single Stop the Rain and the ballad Love Is Just a Word.

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