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Sinergy is a Finnish heavy metal band from Helsinki. He was trained in 1998 by American artist Kimberly Goss. Goss, apart from the group Sinergy, was a member of other bands like Dimmu Borgir as keyboardist, and Children of Bodom where she participated live for Janne Wirman (on keyboards) and for writing lyrics. The idea of ​​a "female-led metal band" sprouted when Goss met Jesper Strömblad of In Flames during a tour with Dimmu Borgir in 1997. Sinergy is separates in 2004.

Sinergy is formed when keyboardist Dimmu Borgir, Kimberly Goss meets In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad during a tour. The idea of ​​forming a metal group led by a woman germinates, but can not end due to lack of time >>>. While Kimberly leaves Dimmu Borgir and moves to Sweden, she decides to make this project with Strömblad a reality. Sinergy's first line-up is composed of Kimberly and Strömblad, alongside bassist Sharlee D'Angelo (from Arch Enemy and Mercyful Fate), drummer Ronny Milianowicz, and guitarist Alexi Laiho (from Children of Bodom). ) >>>.

Their first album, Beware the Heavens is recorded in 1999, distributed by the Nuclear Blast Records label, and well received by all critics >> >. However, Sinergy faces management issues regarding its members. To make matters worse, Kimberly moved to Finland at the end of 1999, which made appointments between members difficult, with three of them still living in Sweden. As a result the band dissolves, but Kimberly and Alexi wanted to continue. Together, they compose the new line-up, only with Finnish members. Roope Latvala (former member of Stone, one of the bands that had helped the emergence of heavy metal in Finland) plays the rhythm guitar, Marco Hietala (from the Tarot band) becomes a bass player, and Tonmi Lillman as the new drummer. With this line-up, the band recorded To Hell and Back , then went on tour alongside Nightwish>. At the same time, Sinergy began to become popular internationally. This tour is arguably the most notable tour featured in the Nightwish DVD, From Wishes to Eternity .

In their next successor album, Suicide by My Side , Kimberly borrows a more aggressive tone; the latter had tried to end her days shortly before the album appeared >>>. Shortly after the recording of their third album, Lillman left the group and was later replaced by the drummer Barathrum group, Janne Parviainen. Bassist Marco also leaves the group soon after; he is replaced by Lauri Porra, from the power metal band Stratovarius. A fourth album, entitled Sins of the Past , goes into production at Finnvox studios in 2004>, but fails to be completed. According to Alexi, Sinergy is dissolved and inactive.

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