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Snot is a group of naked metal from Santa Barbara, California.

The group, formed in 1995, consists of singer Lynn Strait, guitarists Mikey Doling and Sonny Mayo, bassist John Fahnestock and drummer Jamie Miller. The training comes from members from various Californian groups. Snot's music is characterized by a mix of sounds ranging from California hardcore punk to funk, metal and even country music. We thus find the use of wah-wah pedals, a bass essentially played with a pick, and a song ranging from nervous guttural cry and chanted to simple murmur. The texts deal with social problems (alcohol, drugs, sex, rape).

In 1997, Snot released his first album, Get Some. The group begins to emerge a growing success in California, then in all the United States. The musicians began various tours including the famous Ozzfest traveling festival in 1998 alongside other nu metal bands of the time, such as System of a Down (group to which Snot is strongly related), Limp Bizkit, Hed PE or again Soulfly, with whom the group befriends. The reputation of the group continues to grow throughout the tours.

Snot began creating his new album in 1998. Sonny Mayo left the band and was replaced by Mike Smith. The group continues the tours. But on December 11, 1998, the formation disappears tragically: Lynn Strait kills herself in a car accident, while returning from the studio where the group finalized the mixing of the songs of the new album. In the accident also disappears Dobbs, Strait's dog, who appeared on the cover of Get Some.

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