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Soda Stereo is an Argentinean rock band from Buenos Aires. Active in the 1980s and 1990s, it is considered one of the most important Spanish-speaking rock bands, and a pioneer of Latin-American rock. Through its period of activity, its musical evolution and its importance, the group can be considered as a Hispanic equivalent of what U2 is to the English-speaking world.

Soda Stereo was formed in 1982 in Buenos Aires, the meeting of guitarist and singer Gustavo Cerati, bassist Zeta Bosio and drummer Charly Alberti. Soda Stereo was the first Argentinean band to tour Latin America and sold more than 17 million albums in Latin America alone during their active career. The group broke up in 1997 as a result of artistic disagreements between members. In 2007, the band reorganized for a tour of 22 concerts, 20 of which will be sold out. Then each member of the group resumes his solo career.

In the summer of 1982, Gustavo Cerati, 22, and Hector Zeta Bosio, 23, came from Punta del Este, Uruguay. At that time, they were members of a rock band, Cerati with his band Sauvage> and Bosio with The Morgan, a band he shared with Sandra Baylac, Hugo Dop, Christian Hansen, Pablo Rodriguez (from Los Auténticos Decadentes ), Charly Amato, Osvaldo Kaplan, and Andres Calamaro>. Cerati and Bosio, who share a common musical interest, and both decide to develop their passion together. Cerati joins Bosio's group, The Morgan, then forms Stress, with Charly Amato and drummer Pablo Guadalupe, while playing in the band Erekto with Andres Calamaro.

Meanwhile, the career of the sister of Cerati, Maria Laura Cerati, is constantly undermined by Carlos Ficicchia, a man she met in the Río de la Plata Basin, Argentina, who made advances that she refused >. One day, Gustavo will answer the phone instead of his sister, and so, will discuss music with Ficicchia, who will explain being drummer, and son of jazz musician Tito Alberti, better known in Argentina for his children's song El Elefante trompita >. Interested in his abilities, Cerati and Bosio will ask him to join them, provided he cuts his hair. Thus, Ficicchia will adopt the name of Charly Alberti. The group, after having adopted several names, ends up being called Los Estereotipos, in reference to a song of the group The Specials which they éocutaient>. The band records a demo under this name alongside Richard Coleman on the second guitar, which will remain only for a period of time. The recorded songs include Porque no puedo ser del Jet Set, which becomes a single hit from their first homonymous studio album. Other songs include Dime Sebastian and Debo Soñar of Ulises Butron.

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