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Sogdiana (Uzbek: Sugdiona, Russian: Согдиана) - by her real name Oksana Nechitaylo - is one of the most popular singers in Russia. She participated in the reality TV show Fabrika Zvezd 6 in 2006 but did not reach the final.

Sogdiana was born on February 17, 1984 in the city of Tashkent. She has a brother, Sergei, who is twelve years older than her. She married in January 2007 with a Hindu millionaire or billionaire named Ram, with whom she had a son, Ardjun. But later, her husband left her by kidnapping their little boy. The police did not know how to find them. At the end of 2010, during the shooting of the EDEN clip, Sogdiana meets a businessman, Bashir Kushtov (in Russian Bashir Kutshtov), ​​with whom she gets married in 2011 and has a little boy, Michael. Sogdiana suffered a lot and told the press: "Understand me, I can not spend my life alone and crying for having lost my first son, I love Bachir and the having another child allows me to relieve the pain that I can endure from having lost one. " Most of Sogdiana's songs tell this tragic story, as one of his clips Remember Me (Вспоминай меня) that refers to his first son and hoping that one day he will be able to listen to this song and know that his mother does not never gave up as his father could have told him.

In 1991, she enters a Middle School Republican Special Music where she learns the piano. During teaching, she participated in the Républicain contest of young pianists and became the winner in 1998.

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