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Solitude aeturnus

Solitude Aeturnus is a group of American epic doom metal> from Arlington, Texas.

The group was formed in 1987 under the name of Solitude>. Their training is very unstable the first two years. At the end of 1988, training changes were made with Perez on guitar, Edgar Rivera on guitar, Robert Lowe on vocals, Lyl Steadham on bass and John "Wolf" . This training will last up to seven years 1996. They record their first demo lang = "en"> And Justice for All ... , title which will have to change seven months later after the release of the homonymous album of Metallica. Later, the band records a second demo that includes the songs lang = "en"> Mirror of Sorrow and Opaque Divinity . This demo draws the attention of the independent label King Klassic.

The group entered the studio Dallas Sound Lab in January 1990 to record their very first album, Into the Depths of Sorrow . After a bad first audio mix, the group returns to the Sound Logic Studios for a remix. The budget of the album is $ 3000. After its release, the album attracts the interest of the label Roadrunner Records which directly signs Solitude Aeturnus. The album finally saw the day in 1991 after a year and a half of recordings. In March 1992, the band returned to Sound Logic studios for their second album, "Beyond the Crimson Horizon" , to be released in July 1992>, and followed up by an American tour with the Paul Di'Anno's Killers. The tour lasts six weeks. Shortly after, in February 1993, the band separated from Roadrunner, then signed to the Pavement Records label. They decided at that time to record their third album, at the end of March 1994 at the Rhythm Studios. After a few months of negotiations, the band plays for Mercyful Fate during a six-week long American tour. They then play in Europe with the group of doom Revelation.

Their new album, Downfall , is recorded in Dallas, Texas. Lyle Steadham leaves the group soon after recording Downfall . The group recruits Teri Pritchard as a temporary bassist. This training tour in Europe in April 1996 with the power metal band Morgana Lafey. In December 1997, the group signed to the label Massacre Records and recorded the album Adagio , this time at the Rhythm Studios in England, in March 1998. L album is released in June the same year. The band toured Europe in September 1998 with Savior Machine. Adagio finally came to the United States in January 1999 to Olympic Records.

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