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Sonic Youth [ s ɒ n ɪ . "

In 2011, Ranaldo announces the separation of the group after the separation of the couple Gordon / Moore>. Thurston Moore clarifies her position in May 2014: "Sonic Youth is on hiatus. The group respects democracy, and as long as Kim and I have not reached an agreement, the group will not function reasonably ". Gordon notes several times in his autobiography Girl in a Band, released in 2015, that the group split up.

It was in 1981, in New York, at the end of the wave no wave, that Sonic Youth formed. Before starting the band, Thurston Moore was playing in a punk band called The Coachmen; he also played with experimental composer Glenn Branca with Lee Ranaldo at the beginning of the decade. Kim Gordon played in a group called CKM with two friends, Miranda, also a friend of Moore, and Christine. One of the songs from this band, Cosmopolitan Girl, will be kept for the first Sonic Youth concerts. Lee Ranaldo also played in the Plus Instruments group. Richard Edson was playing in the band No Wave Konk. It was through their mutual friend Miranda that Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon met. During the year 1980, they form, with Anne DeMarinis and Dave Keay, the group Arcadians, which takes its name from a Greek tribe of the Antiquity which used the music to communicate. The group plays its first concert on January 14, 1981 at CBGB's. At the second concert on January 20, Lee Ranaldo and his friend David Linton, who were in the audience, came on stage to play with the band. The group will dissolve in April / May 1981; That's when Sonic Youth, consisting of Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, Richard Edson and Lee Ranaldo, is formed.

After playing a few concerts under the same band, the trio finally convinced Richard Edson to return to the band. The latter then helps them to set up their first real set, which they played on September 18, 1981, at the New Pilgrim Theater. The recording of this concert will remain unknown for twenty-five years, before appearing in 2006 in the reissue of the first disc of the group. We discover more or less advanced versions of the tracks of the album: I Do not Want to Push It and The Burning Spear presented in almost completed version, I Dreamed I Dream and The Good & The Bad in a not very advanced version and She Is Not Alone in a radically different version of the disk version; but also two pieces that did not survive after 1981: Cosmopolitan Girl, dating from the group CKM, and Destroyer, an instrumental that remained mysterious for twenty-five years. By chance, Glenn Branca was in the audience that night. After the live, he decided to found his label, Neutral, to publish a record of the group. After a few more concerts, the band recorded the five tracks of the first EP at Radio City Music Ha

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