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Spinal tap

Rob ReinerMichael McKeanChristopher GuestHarry ShearerFran DrescherBruno Kirby

Spinal Tap (This Is Spinal Tap), typed Spın̈al Tap , is a movie of Rob Reiner, released in 1984. This is a parodic documentary about a heavy metal band.

The film condenses on a group of fictional heavy metal all kinds of misadventures, based on real or imaginary facts: to play for a ball of the third age or in a military base, to get lost behind the scenes, to see the group torn by the conflicts of ego between leaders or see his drummers die one after the other in unlikely circumstances such as spontaneous human combustion, death by suffocation in vomit (not his, that of someone else), etc.

The group appeared in the first part of The Freddie Mercury Tribute concert, after Bob Geldof who introduced the group and left them the scene, after singing his song Too Late God. The latter was presented by Roger Taylor, drummer of the Queen group. They perform a song called The Majesty of Rock which is a kind of parody of, and dedicated to, Freddie Mercury. We see singer David St Hubbins, accompanied by other members of the group, come on stage in travesty, and imitate Freddie Mercury removing his hat. This title was broadcast on television, but was never included on the VHS and DVD editions of the concert.

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