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Spyro gyra

Spyro Gyra is an American jazz fusion band formed in the early 1970s in the city of Buffalo, New York. He has had many different versions, the only current members of the original band being alto saxophonist Jay Beckenstein and pianist / keyboardist Tom Schuman. They are currently supported by guitarist Julio Fernandez, bassist Scott Ambush and drummer / percussionist Bonny Bonaparte. With over 25 albums on the clock and 10 million copies sold, they are one of the most successful jazz fusion groups in the United States. Their music combines jazz and elements of funk, R & B or pop (with some notable Caribbean influences), so they are considered one of the groups that forged the sound of smooth jazz, which will sometimes be worth the critics of purists who they will be reproached for their too melodic approach and therefore their lack of improvisation, a classic case of all artists or groups belonging to this genre. However, they are recognized as talented musicians, especially for their live performances and accumulate Grammy Awards, both in the categories Jazz Fusion, Instrumental Pop and R & B Instrumental.

Their biggest hits are "Shaker Song" (1977) and especially "Morning Dance" (1979).

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