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Stanley jordan

Stanley Jordan (July 31, 1959 in Chicago) is a guitarist, pianist and singer of American jazz / jazz fusion, known in particular for his tapping technique of using his two polyphonic hands on the guitar.

Thanks to this particular technique, it is possible for him to play on two guitars at the same time, even to play on a guitar and a piano at the same time.

He started playing music starting to play the piano from the age of three, then the guitar to 11 years old. Not being satisfied with the sound of the guitar played in a "normal" way, Stanley Jordan began to develop his technique of tapping whose playing possibilities are approaching those of a piano (polyphony and counterpoint).

Later, in the 2000s, this technique allowed him for the first time to play at the same time the guitar with one hand, and the piano with the other.

Stanley Jordan uses a tuning less common than the usual EADGBE (Mi La D Sol Si Mi): he uses the "All fourths tuning", literally tuning in fourths. The interval between each string is a fair quarter (2 and a half tones, or 5 semitones) of the lower string, ie EADGCF. According to him, this tuning simplifies the neck of the guitar, making it more logical. Note that a variant of the All fourths tuning is a semitone lower (D # G # C # F # BE or D # Sol # Do # Fa # If Mi), allowing to keep gaps of fourths without applying tensions too high for the two strings the most acute, since in this scheme are the four strings low that we lower a semitone>.

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