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Steel dragon

Rock Star is an American drama comedy by Stephen Herek released in 2001.

Chris Cole is a fan of the Steel Dragon heavy metal band. Once his work days are over he fully satisfies his passion by playing in the rock band he created in tribute to his idols. But as the mood of the band deteriorates gradually Chris receives an offer from the guitarist Steel Dragon to replace the singer of the group. Then Chris begins a new life, far from the monotony where money, drugs, girls, the party take a full place at the expense of the friendship of his friends and the love of Emily (Jennifer Aniston).

This film is inspired by a true story, that of Tim "Ripper" Owens, a fan of Judas Priest and became singer of the group after the departure of Rob Halford.

The group includes various talented artists and an actor who plays the role of singer of the group.

There are also additional musicians who come to give their contribution for writing songs.

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