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Stereophonics is a British rock band from Cwmaman, Wales. Formed in 1992, it is conducted by Kelly Jones (vocals, guitar, lyrics), and consists of Richard Jones (bass), Adam Zindani (guitar, chorus) and Jamie Morrison (drums).

Described from "classic British rock accompanied by a whiskey singing>" , the band is focused on the alternative rock genres and "traditional British rock" >. Stereophonics' debut album, Word Gets Around, was released in August 1997 and reached sixth place in British rankings, aided by the singles Local Boy in the Photograph, More Life in Tramps Vest and A Thousand Trees. The group achieved success with Performance and Cocktails (and its promotional singles The Bartender and the Thief, Just Looking and Pick a Part That's New) in 1999, and now has ten top 10 singles and a first-ranked song. Dakota (2005). With more than 10 million copies sold worldwide >>>, Stereophonics is one of the best Welsh rock bands.

It all started in the early 1990s when Kelly Jones (Guitar, vocals), Richard Jones (bass), and Stuart Cable (drums), three childhood friends decided to set up a rock band they baptized in their debut Blind Faith which was also a group name of Eric Clapton. Shortly after they renamed it Tragic Love Company, inspired by the names of their favorite bands: The Tragically Hip, Mother Love Bone and Bad Company. Later, Stuart Cable inspired by the inscription "Stereophonic" that he can read on the phonograph of his grandmother decides with the agreement of the members to change the name of the group in The Stereophonics until in 1996 the band takes the definitive name of Stereophonics. According to legend, the musicians would have met at an annual cheese rolling contest in Cwamaman>.

Originally from Wales, they made their debut in pubs in the region by making many times. They are heavily influenced by groups such as AC / DC and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Their professional career really begins in 1997, when Richard Branson (creator of Virgin) offers them to sign a contract for the new label he has just created, V2 Music.

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