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Stereotypical working class

Stereotypical Working Class is a French rock band from Lyon, Rhône-Alpes. Formed in 1999, the band has a total of six studio albums and three EPs. During its existence, the group shares, or shared, the scene with many other groups.

According to Guillaume Fouqué of Rock Sound magazine, "The band was established in 1999 in Bakersfield, California. He is originally composed of four friends: Jefferson Flambers and Peter Money on guitar, Steven Brex on bass, and Invisible Man on percussion. After several unsuccessful attempts, they call on singer Thomas Wolf to perfect their training. The team then decided to go to France, "the country of rock 'n' roll", and settle near Lyon where they get French nationality and become Martin on vocals, Christophe and David on guitar, Bertrand to the bass and Olivier on the drums. ". This fiction is not without a nod to the creation of the heavy metal band Korn, originally from Bakersfield and Jonathan Davis to find a singer.

In 2001, they meet the singer of Watcha, with whom they record Illusion, which will be part of their first four-track EP. In April 2003 Olivier, the drummer, left the band. They enter the studio and complete the training with Aymeric Moneste of Silmarils, who replaces the defective member. In 2002, Martin is invited on the album Medecine Cake of Pleymo>.

Their first studio album, entitled Illusions, including the four titles of the eponymous EP, four other titles composed for the occasion, and a hidden bonus, was released in February 2003. In the middle of the nude period, the group, supported by the cover by the French musical press of the nude genre and French bands, is beginning to make a name for itself in the Lyon region and in the French nude metal scene. Then begin several contributions with Pleymo, AqME, Lofofora, and Mass Hysteria.

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