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Storm corrosion

Storm Corrosion is a progressive rock band. It stems from the collaboration between musicians Mikael Akerfeldt (current singer / guitarist of Opeth) and Steven Wilson (singer / guitarist of the group Porcupine Tree and also officiating in a solo career). The duo was formed in 2011 in the UK, and both members deal with all the instruments and play in a progressive music with a psychedelic tendency. Their first self-titled album was released on May 8, 2012 on Roadrunner Records.

Mikael Åkerfeldt notices Steven Wilson in the mid-1990s following the participation of his best friend, Jonas Renkse, on the album The Sky Moves Sideways of the Porcupine Tree >>>. Years later, Åkerfeldt received an e-mail from Wilson who received a copy of Opeth's Still Life album from a French journalist >>>. The two end with a dinner in London where Åkerfeldt asks Wilson to produce the next Opeth> album.

It is only from March 2010 that the two begin to compose together>. Originally, former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy was to join the band, but was excluded because Åkerfeldt and Wilson felt that the drums did not belong in the album>. In early 2011, Storm Corrosion becomes the name of the project.

After less than a year of writing, the first album of Storm Corrosion is finished in September 2011>. In February 2012, they announce their signature to the Roadrunner Records label and the release of an album of the same name scheduled for April 24 the same year. The date is then postponed to May 8th. The guitar pieces are made by Åkerfeldt, and Wilson focuses on keyboards and arrangements. Gavin Harrison, of Porcupine Tree plays drums, (only 15-20% of the album)>.

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