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Stray cats

The Stray Cats is a rockabilly trio composed of Brian Setzer on vocals and electric guitar, Slim Jim Phantom on drums and Lee Rocker on bass.

The Stray Cats formed in the eastern suburbs of New York in 1979 under the name of "The Tomcats". In front of the indifference of their compatriots, they decide to expatriate themselves in London.

After a few months of lean cows, their energetic concerts, where Lee Rocker climbs his double bass and Slim Jim Phantom's limited drums, begin to catch the attention of reporters and record companies. They record a first 45-lap with Dave Edmunds. England is looking for a new musical fashion and suddenly ignites for the group's energetic rockabilly. Europe follows soon and the first album released in 1981, still produced by Dave Edmunds allows the Stray Cats to spend the summer at the top of the Hit parades. A rockabilly wave then submerges the musical horizon and many groups appear in the wake of their success.

Conscious of the limits of the genre in which they do not want to remain prisoners, and faithful to their varied tastes, The Stray Cats record the same year a record more rhythm and blues than pure rockabilly. This is the album Gonna Ball. While it is generally well received by critics, the public does not follow and Gonna Ball marks a commercial withdrawal for the band.

The Stray Cats are trying to break into the United States where appeared in 1982 an album compiled from the first two and called Built for speed. He is rather well received.

Given the lack of success of his timid adventure outside the standards, the group records in 1983 a third album Rant n 'Rave which is a return to the roots of rockabilly. Unfortunately, fashion has passed and success no longer coming the group separates in 1984.

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