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Sugarcult is a pop punk band from Santa Barbara, California.

Tim will know former drummer Ben Davis at school during a break. Ben (who then played bass) and Tim start playing together until Tim invites Airin Older, a classmate, to join the band. Ben made his debut on drums and Airin on bass. Marko 72 is integrated into the group after meeting Tim behind the scenes after a Superdrag gig. The latter two apparently met each other because Tim wore a costume that looked like Marko's during the show. Tim then asked Marko to join the band before even hearing a single note from Marko on the guitar.

Tim's band, Sugarcult, is apparently named after a group of lesbians who lived near his home when he was younger. Tim suffers from hearing problems (tinnitus) from speakers on stage during concerts. Because of his tinnitus, Tim wears hearing protectors (also known as "earplugs" ) on stage just like other members. Tim was close to former drummer Ben Davis, and wrote the piece Champagne in relation to his addiction when forced to leave the band. The real name of Marko is De Santis, he is also one of the most frequent photographers of the group. He has a son named London De Santis. After leaving Sugarcult, Ben Davis makes solo albums.

In 2004, Sugarcult played in support of Green Day for their American Idiot tour, and participated in the Vans Warped Tour the same year. Also in 2004, the group released its new and second album, Palm Trees and Power Lines. It is titled like this in relation to California where the group lives; the horizon is composed of palms and guidelines (Palm Trees & Power Lines). On the cover of Palm Trees and Power Lines, a few pieces of Californian landscape can be seen in the background, such as a liquor store, which Pagnotta visits during the documentary Back to the Disaster.

In 2006, the band released on September 12th their last album entitled "Lights out". Also the same year, the single "Do it alone" having had some success, appears in the movie "Employee of the month"

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