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Suicidal tendencies

Suicidal tendencies Suicidal Tendencies is an American thrash crossover band from Venice, California. They are considered the precursors of punk skateboarding and credited as "the fathers of thrash crossover" ; their music also includes heavy metal and funk metal elements.

Suicidal Tendencies achieved success with his homonymous album released in 1983, including the single Institutionalized . The video of the single is one of the first hardcore punk videos played on the American MTV channel. The next album of Suicidal Tendencies is distributed by their own independent label, Suicidal Records, where they also release a song Look Up ... (The Boys Are Back ) , on the split Welcome to Venice in 1985. The second album of the band, Join the Army is not commercialized until 1987. Join the Army attracts the attention of Epic Records , who signed the band in 1988 and released their third album, How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can not Even Smile Today , later the same year. The album is followed by two more, Controlled by Hatred / Feel Like Shit ... Déjà Vu and Lights ... Camera ... Revolution! , both certified gold by the RIAA>.

Suicidal Tendencies was formed in 1981 as a punk band in Venice, California. The band's original line-up includes Mike Muir on vocals, Mike Ball on guitar, Carlos "Egie" Egert on drums, and Mike Dunnigan on bass. After recording their first demo, Carlos Egert leaves the group and is replaced by Dunnigan's brother, Sean. Muir, at that time a student at Santa Monica College, joins Suicidal Tendencies, whom he regards as a "party group" , and thereafter as the interest of his life. Suicidal Tendencies has a difficult start; he is elected "worst group / biggest assholes" by the fanzine Flipside in 1982, but he was later elected "best new group" . Rumors circulated at the time that members, their friends and even their fans, would be involved in gangs (especially the Venice White Boyz), engendered by the blue bandana that Muir wore and the clearly violent actions of the band on stage >.

Suicidal Tendencies is rapidly gaining popularity and starting to participate in ever larger concerts. They record a demo in 1982 which will be included in the compilation Slamulation distributed by Mystic Records; this is the song I Saw Your Mommy , later also included in their first self-titled album. The Dunnigan brothers leave the band after the recording, Mike Dunnigan joining Tony Alva's band, The Skoundrelz. Ball stays in the group for 2½ years before joining The Skoundrelz and is replaced by Dunnigan. Guitarist Rick Battson records the demo before their debut album.

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