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Sully Erna , by his real name Salvatore Paul Erna , is an American singer born February 7, 1968 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He is currently the singer of the heavy metal band Godsmack, but also guitarist and drummer.

Sully started playing drums at the age of 3. His father, Salvatore Erna, was a famous trumpet player, while his grandfather was an excellent and no less recognized composer in Sicily, where every year, to honor his birth, they make a small exhibition of his photos in a Museum. Later, around the age of 11, Sully will realize that it is easier for him to listen to a song and reproduce it directly, rather than learning it with a simple score. He will very quickly stop the music theory, and devote himself to the autonomous learning of his tablatures as Led Zeppelin or Aerosmith.

At the age of 14, Dave Vose will become his new music teacher. He will also sign his first contract in 1993 with the group Strip Mind. This first album, What's in Your Mouth, will eventually sell for just under 50,000 copies. The group will dissolve very soon afterwards. He will also be part of Meliah Rage and The Fighting Cocks. During concerts, he plays often, and relatively well bongo, not hesitating to challenge the drummer of the group in a very exciting drum duel: Batalla de los Tambores. It has become one of the events of their show! Also harmonica player as in the song Shine Down, intro.

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