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Sunrise avenue

Samu HaberRaul RuutuSami OsalaRiku Rajamaa

Sunrise Avenue is a Finnish pop rock band from Espoo. He was trained in 2002 by Samu Haber. The group's first album, On the Way to Wonderland, released in 2006, has had some success, with titles such as Forever Yours and Fairytale Gone Bad.

Samu Haber trained Sunrise with local composer Jan Hohenthal in April 1992 in Espoo, Finland. They play together in pubs, small festivals and private concerts until 1998, when Haber moves to Spain. Other members of this period are Sami Heinänen (bass) and Antti Tuomela (drums).

Jan Hohenthal left the group in 2002, devoting himself to his solo career. With a new drummer, Juho Sandman, the group plays at student events, small festivals and clubs in the Helsinki area. They join the producers Jone Ullakko and Jani Saastamoinen, before settling definitively with Jukka Backlund.

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