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T ara T-ara (Korean: lang = "ko"> 티아라 , Japanese: テ ィ ア ラ ( Tiara > ) , often stylized T -ARA , T♔ARA or TΛRΛ ) is a South Korean girl group formed in 2009 by the record label MBK Entertainment. They released their first song "Good Person" (좋은 사람) for the soundtrack of the Korean drama Cinderella Man in April 2009. Originally, the band consisted of Jiae, Jiwon, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon. In June 2009, the group's initial plans were disrupted by the departure of Jiae and Jiwon, because of differences in musical style, but it reorganized at the end of June 2009 with the arrival of Boram, then those of Soyeon and Qri in July 2009, definitively closing the group. They released their first single, Geojitmal (Korean: lang = "ko"> "거짓말" literally Lie).

T-ara would mean "We will wear a crown after becoming the queens of music">. This name is a derivative of the term tiara which designates a tiara in English.

The first five T-ara members (Ji Ae, Ji Won, Eun Jung, Hyomin and Ji Yeon) were trained for three years by Mnet Media. Thinking that they would become the "queens of the music industry" , they choose the name of the group based on the Japanese word tiara >>>. In April 2009, they market their first composition entitled Joheun Saram (Ver.1) (좋은 사람, "Good Person"). Ji Yeon joins SeeYa and Davichi for a single collaboration entitled Yeoseong Shidae (여성 시대, "Women's Generation") marketed in May 2009>. In June 2009, Mnet Media announced the departure of Ji Ae and Ji Won from the group because of the different musical tastes that separate them. The first members to join the band include Boram, the daughter of singer Jeon Young-rok and actress Lee Mi-young. So Yeon, a former Girls' Generation member, joins the group after leaving SM Entertainment, where she was a trainee, for lack of self-confidence; So Yeon and Qri joined the group three weeks before their debut. In early July 2009, the group leaves Mnet Media for its sister company Core Contents Media>.

T-ara debuts on the MBC radio show on July 29, 2009>. Their first performance is seen in the music show M! Countdown on Mnet TV on July 30, where they sang Geojitmal (거짓말, "Lies") and "Norabollae? (놀아 볼래 ?," Wanna Play? ") As their first singles. Their debut is negatively welcomed by Internet users The band then announces their future live performances.> In September 2009, Eun Jung, So Yeon, Hyomin and Ji Yeon collaborated with Kwangsu, Jihyuk, and Geonil of Supernova for TTL (Time to Love). It was released on September 15, 2009, and became the band's first single to reach online music rankings, with T-ara and Supernova collaborating once again for the TTL Listen 2 title, the TTL (Time to Love) title sequence. , which is released on October 9, 2009, and includes all members of both groups.

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