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Taake (pronounced tau-que) is a Norwegian black metal band from Bergen. First named Thule, the formation changes its name after two years. Taake, or tåke in a more modern form, means "fog" 'or "haze" in Norwegian. This name evokes the mysterious and dreamlike universe of the music played by the band.

In 1993, Ørjan Stedjeberg (then known as Ulvhedin), since known as Hoest (Høst's old writing, which means autumn in Norwegian) forms the group under the name of Thule, in collaboration with Svartluv>. The band released two demos, Der vinterstormene raste in 1993, and Omfavnet av svarte vinger in 1994. Before the release of the demo Manndaudsvinter in 1995, the band changed its name to become Taake, a tribute to the hazy montages of Bergen which Hoest is originated. Shortly thereafter, the first vinyl format EP (7) is released.

The band's first album was produced by Wounded Love Records in 1999. It's called Nattestid ser porten vid and contains seven tracks. The album is written entirely by Hoest, but it is supported by a session musician, Tundra, who will record the bass and drums. It is recorded between 1997 and 1998 at Grieghallen. Nattestid is the first part of a trilogy. All the lyrics and writings on the CD are written in runes, and the lyrics sung in Norwegian. The album is considered a classic of Norwegian black metal.

The second part of the trilogy, Over Bjoergvin grater himmerik (The paradise cries over Bergen) was released in 2002. This is a new concept album consisting of 7 songs. The album revolves around the theme of the city of Bergen, Bjoergvin being the medieval name of the city. For this album, Hoest is surrounded by session musicians: C.Corax on guitar, Keridwen on bass and Mutt on drums.

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