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Team Sleep is a parallel project of musicians performing in several bands, mostly in the style of metal. Founded in 1994 by Deftones singer Chino Moreno, Team Sleep brings together guitarist Todd Wilkinson, bassist Rick Verett, drummer Zach Hill (member of Hella) and DJ Crook.

Team Sleep begins as simple jams between two guitarist friends, Chino Moreno and Todd Wilkinson. Then DJ Crook, an acquaintance, joins them. The band evolves as Chino progresses as a singer. In 2000, six years after their first joint measurements, the trio recorded twelve tracks with Terry Date, in a Seattle studio. In the absence of a drummer, it is DJ Crook who programs almost all drum tracks. Shortly after, Zach Hill, Hella drummer, recorded some songs with Wilkinson and joined the band, while Moreno played with Deftones. At the end of 2001, bassist Rick Verrett of Tinfed joined the group, giving his first concerts under the name of Team Sleep.

The real flight of the group is done during 2001, the year of the release of the album White Pony Deftones. The label Maverick Records indeed decides to sign Team Sleep, whose songs take the style of some songs of the popular White Pony: a floating sound, a quiet voice and rhythmic guitars, very little soloists.

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