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The Analogs

The Analogs is a group of Polish oi! In early 1995, three members of the ska group Dr. Cycos will go to the Bronx pub, Szczecin, to work on songs supposed to be punk rock. These members are Marek Adamowicz (guitar), Ziemowit Pawluk (drums) and Paweł Czekała (bass). At that time, the group had no names. Later, the group was completed and named The Analogs. Their first album is entitled Oi! Młodzież. During its recording at the Kakadu studio, located in Szczecin, the band is negotiating with the Rock'n'roller Productions label, and in particular with its leader, Zdzisław Jodko. A long-time friend of Czekała, Jodko agrees to publish their album. Just after the rehearsal sessions and the concert of the groups Analogs and Dr. Cycos, problems between justice and Czekała whose surface (he will remain four years in prison). In the spring of 1996, the album was finally released and well received by local fans. During the absence of Czekała, Szymon Gebel took over the bass, and was later replaced by Artur Szmit. Shortly after their album, the band started playing many concerts, the most famous but controversial being the one with the punk rock band DOA. It takes place at Poznań and will end with a fight between the group's supporters and the rest of the audience. From the beginning, The Analogs clearly opposed the anarchist and feminist punks whose ideology was widespread at that time in Poland. This attitude, combined with the riots during the concert with DOA, led the media to take an interest in the group and call for a boycott; but, on the contrary, the group gained in popularity. In 1997, three Analog songs (mistakenly called Analogics on the cover) appeared on the Oi! It's a World Invasion, published by Bronco Bullfrog Records and Step-1. In December 2003, The Analogs was invited to play at the Punk and Disorderly festival in Germany. Their second album, entitled Street Punk Rulez! is released by Jodko, and is better received than its predecessor. The band was not to its advantage, especially since the arrest of Czekała, and Adamowicz began his career in other musical genres. This is the first album of the Analogs recorded on CD. Just after the recording of Street Punk Rulez! Adamowicz leaves the band. In 1999, Czekała recorded a few songs at the Kakadu studio. This session leads to the release of a promo CD accompanying Garaż. Before this release, Grzegorz Król faces alcohol addiction problems, which affects his concert performances. As the pressure within the group increased, he was forced to leave. The position of second guitarist is taken by Artur Szmit.

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